Are you traveling a lot for leisure or for Business? I do! Especially a lot using the air. Traveling by train is better for the envoirement, I know. But flying is much more convenient, cheaper, more easy and faster. The only disadvantage for my is my ears when we land. I hate the feeling when there’s different cabin pressure.

Anyways, when you fly a lot, it’s really convenient using the app Flighty. I do and this app make it really easy. There are many ways to go premium. If you use it many times I recommend you to buy lifetime. Just for a single time you can pay for a trip. This makes the app very flexible by going premium.

What I really like is the app shows you where the plane is. It showed me in the morning it got delayed in Boston. So, automatically we got delayed as well. Also it shows me the right gate in one eye catch.

There is also a home widget available with the same information. And all important information is showing in the dynamic island as well as you can see below.

This app is available for Apple only. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Go to the app’s website or download the app straight away.

What else?

Well, there’s more about this app what makes this app fabulous. Another feature I did not mention above is the inbound flight will be shown as well. While waiting for your plane, you can track its previous flight. This might be interesting for people who like to know this, like I do.

Also, you can make this app synchronized with your calendar app from Apple. If you have activated this feature, the flights are added including the right time zones. So, this is very convenient if you’re planing the rest of your trip what might be a business trip.

24 hours up-front the app is notifying it’s time to check-in. Because you have inserted the flight through email the Confirmation code you can find really easy. It would be great if the app can lead me to the check-in page too. Maybe Flighty can start some partnerships with bigger brands like Delta or United so all details are filled in automatically.

As you could see in the picture above, the departure gate is shown really clearly. Once arrived, you see the baggage belt assigned to the trip.

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