Kaliméra Samos

Samos, one of my favorite islands of Greece. The weather is always great and the locals are really nice. I’ve stayed in the Samian Mare hotel. later this story I write more about the hotel later this story. The best weather you meet during summer till October. There are several beaches which I highly recommend for relaxing or making pictures.

  1. Samian Mare Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

To see a more detailed rating, please go down this page. But this hotel is just amazing. I requested something special for this room and they took care of it. We entered the hotel and the interior of the lobby is the first impression which was great. It looks clean and light colors. I like those colors, because they look fresh. Nine out of ten times this means the bedroom is clean as well. And also this time, I was really positive about the cleanliness of my room.

My room was facing the swimming pool. The view was really nice. My room had a balcony which blinds my room for viewers from the swimming pool.


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