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Go Blue, Michigan!

Ann Arbor

The place where all students go to is in a small town, on the right side of Detroit. The place is called Ann Arbor. This town got a campus called the University of Michigan. I’m really interested in this kind of study as this is so different from The Netherlands. The whole education system is different than I’m used it it.

My uncle, Researcher at the University of Michigan, explained me a lot of it. For example here the levels are much different. In the Netherlands you start going to the primary school, followed up by the high school and you choose for MBO or HBO after that. University in USA is the HBO level in The Netherlands. This also means our University’s are digging deeper into some subjects.

Anyways, the campus is a great place to be. If I may start over, I’d love to start some studies over here. It’s the real American student feeling. All students wear Michigan clothing bought at the Michigan Den and during break you’ll find a lot of students in the local Starbucks. Discussing together while they drink they favourite coffee.

The picture on the right is showing the Burton Memorial Tower. This is the base of the music education. Every hour this tower is ringing its bells and you’ll hear the sound from a nice old classic.

There are many more buildings on Michigan’s campus. All of their buildings are historic and that looks great. I remembered a lot from when I was younger and volunteered at the Ann Arbor Summer festival located at this campus.

Walking through the forest

In Ann Arbor there’s a small forest Really nice to walk through. I’ve been here when I was younger resulting a lot of memories came. Now I’m older with an iPhone so why not taking pictures. The entrance of this forest is connecting with the garden of the campus. In this garden many flowers and plants are planted. This area is used for doing research in biologics. While I walked there, students were busy determining what happened with the plants. In every field the same plant is growing but in different soil.

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